Kadyrov! Kadyrov! Kadyrov!

Robby Delaware
20 min readApr 12, 2022


A deeper dive into a Vietnamese language-oriented TikTok account suspected to be on the payroll of the Kremlin provides more insight into exactly what kind of pro-Kremlin Ukraine invasion content was amplified and where the videos originated from.

Welcome back, Kotter. Your hashtags were your ticket out. Before I go and confuse Marsha:

The biggest social media crock-of-bullshit in the war so far is anything related to Kadyrovites. Note to the content moderation teams at YouTube/Instagram/TikTok/Twitter — you can save yourself a lot of time by automating searches for any video watermarked from Kadyrov’s Telegram channel.

With Horshack:

You’re right, Horshack. A huge percentage of totally bogus “war content” that’s being staged on purpose originates on the @Rkadyrov_95 telegram channel.

Perhaps it’s best that I did a little recap.

The other day, on Thursday, March 24th, I was browsing through TikTok videos looking for pro-Putin content. I came across this video, which used the #Putin and #Russia hashtags and spelled out Putin’s name.

The video used in the video is exceptionally old — a reverse image search showed it to be from a televised March 2000 flight that Putin took to Grozny, Chechnya.

This led me to do an initial look at this Vietnamese-language focused TikTok account:

Here’s @sayemchukhongsayruou which I believe is operated by a black hat SEO/content creation firm in Vietnam.

I soon discovered some unusual things with this account — including somethings which lead me to strongly suspect that this account is tied to a black hat SEO firm in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I suspect that this account was hired as part of a coordinated and inauthentic effort to ensure that pro-Kremlin content continues to circulate on TikTok. I wrote about this account the other day.

A deeper dive into the content this account posted is below. I found some interesting things while looking at this account, and at the pro-Kremlin content that has been posted on TikTok in recent weeks.

A quick summation:

There’s a whole lot of pro-Chechen and pro-Kadyrov content being shared on TikTok. A lot of the pro-Kadyrov content also seems to correspond with disinformation tactics related to the invasion of Ukraine and the role of Chechen forces in the fighting that have been attempted by multiple accounts, using multiple languages, across multiple platforms.

Long story short:

If you’re working at TikTok in security or content moderation, it would probably be wise to be on the look out for any Kadyrov-branded content from the Telegram account- and if it is flagged — simply remove it from the platform.

For example, a number of videos attempt to imply that Kadyrov was in Ukraine during the opening days of the war. Take a look at this video:

Video posted on March 14th, 2022. The caption for the video says, “Tổng thống Ramzan Kadyrov đích thân sang Ukraine giúp Nga” which means, “President Ramzan Kadyrov personally went to Ukraine to help Russia” — this is disinformation.

It’s a re-occurring theme in the videos, whether stated explicitly or not: that Kadyrov himself is “in Ukraine” — this is all the more bizarre because it’s targeted (presumably) to a Vietnamese audience.

Videos from as far back March 3rd were produced which imply that Kadyrov was personally inside of Ukraine.

From: Robby Delaware <robbydelaware1979@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, Apr 5, 2022 at 8:56 PM

Subject: Problematic Vietnamese TikTok accounts — is it inauthentic behavior?

To: <ab@tiktok.com>, <media@tiktok.com>, <security@tiktok.com>

CC: <CFIUS@treasury.gov>

Dear TikTok-

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I believe that this message should likely be directed to Andy Bonillo, Global Head of Threat Management and Incident Response at TikTok. If that’s the wrong person, then I ask that you please direct this message to the right person in charge of such matters.

I just wanted to alert you all to something that I have been gathering information about. As you might know, I’ve been interested in TikTok’s content moderation policies, and the content moderation policies of the major social media companies as they relate to the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine. I have spent some time looking through the various pro-invasion/pro-Kremlin content that has proliferated on the different social media networks since the invasion.

About three weeks ago, as I was cataloging overtly pro-Kremlin content, I started coming across a large amount of pro-invasion content being shared by Vietnamese language TikTok accounts. I know that Vietnam is a communist country, and that the Vietnamese people might be more open to supporting the Kremlin and the invasion of Ukraine, than the citizens of other countries might.

However, as I have continued to look at the proliferation of pro-Kremlin/pro-invasion content on TikTok, I have come more and more the belief that there is a small number of Vietnamese language accounts which are likely:

Part of an organized effort to share pro-Kremlin video content to a domestic Vietnamese audience

Part of an effort to ensure that pro-Kremlin videos continue to circulate on TikTok after the recent restrictions imposed

Financed or directed by Russian interlopers

Being run by a company in Ho Chi Minh called ThuyThu

While I am busy collecting information about this now, I think that it would be best to get an email message off to you at this time. I hope this isn’t too disjointed, and I welcome any follow up questions or requests for clarification.

To be as succinct as possible:

I would recommend that you examine this account as soon as possible: https://www.tiktok.com/@sayemchukhongsayruou

Some days ago, this account was offering its services as a “for hire” SEO marketing/content creation firm. The @sayemchukhongsayruou advertised their services, and publicly displayed an email address of: “Thoaingo.vnkingnet@gmail.com”

The “Thoaingo.vnkingnet@gmail.com” email address is associated with a Ho Chi Minh firm called “ThuyThu” that offers for-hire SEO/content creation/web design services. There website is available here: https://thuythu.vn/thiet-ke-web/

I do not believe that the @sayemchukhongsayruou account is engaged in authentic behavior that abides by the regulations stipulated in TikTok’s terms of service.

Some of the videos shared by @sayemchukhongsayruou and the time and date that these videos were shared raise serious red flags, in my opinion.

Take for example this video of a Ukrainian soldier who was captured by Russians in the Donbas region of Ukraine. This video was shared to TikTok on March 2nd:


The description of this video is, “🇷🇺🇺🇦 Anh ý được chăm sóc tốt, không bị mắng chửi đánh đập” which translates to something like “He is well taken care of, not scolded or beaten.” The implication being that the Russian forces are benevolent. An odd video to share to TikTok, without any context.

I did a reverse image search of frames from the video using Yandex. It was not a widely shared video.

By March 2nd, this video was shared on Telegram by two Russian language accounts: @Korsak_news and @vladlentatarsky. The @sayemchukhongsayruou TikTok account either miraculously found their video on their own, or they were directed to use the video from one of two very dubious sources.

Here is a link to the @Korsak_news video: https://t.me/korsak_news/2419

Here is a link to the @vladlentatarsky video: https://t.me/vladlentatarsky/11510

This video from @vladlentatarsky, for example, was shared on a Telegraph account run by a man named ██████ ██████ █████who is an author and “social media guru and trickster” was publicly described by ███ ██████████ ██████as being affiliated with ███ ██████ █████and engaged in efforts to sow division and spread Russian propaganda online.

You can read more about █████, here:


My hunch is that ███ █████is responsible for the hiring of the firm that is producing pro-Kremlin videos for the Vietnamese market and that he might have chosen some of the content being displayed.

Long story short: I think that @sayemchukhongsayruou and other affiliated accounts are acting in a “coordinated inauthentic manner” and are using the guise of being legitimate Vietnamese user accounts to post pro-Kremlin/pro-invasion content. Some of this content seems to be exclusively from dangerous individuals associated with a group sanctioned by the the United States government and the European Union. An investigation into, and if necessary, the removal of these accounts, is warranted.

I believe that it would be wise to have TikTok security investigate the @sayemchukhongsayruou account, and the following accounts listed below, to see if they are engaged in inauthentic behavior connected to the promotion of the Kremlin’s narrative of the invasion of Ukraine. I believe that this inauthentic behavior likely violates TikTok’s own terms of service.

As I mentioned, I have spent some time doing this. I understand that Vietnamese culture might not share the same attitudes or public opinion as the majority of Europe. However, I believe that this collection of accounts are likely all connected together and engaged in inauthentic behavior:

@latest_news8 https://www.tiktok.com/@latest_news8

@Dahyun1405 https://www.tiktok.com/@dahyun1405

@harynguyen2021 https://www.tiktok.com/@harynguyen2021

@Dat.valli https://www.tiktok.com/@dat.valli

@1000000fltiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@1000000fltiktok (possibly a real user — unusual)

@Vicizi https://www.tiktok.com/@vicizi

@sayemchukhongsayruou https://www.tiktok.com/@sayemchukhongsayruou

Please examine the accounts listed above, with an eye towards determining if their behavior violates TikTok’s terms of service and/or regulations about “inauthentic coordinated behavior” on the platform.

You’ll notice, if you examine these accounts, that they all share some attributes which call their legitimacy into question. Many were created immediately as the war started. Many only focus on the war. Many use Russia Today (“RT”) footage which is supposed to be “geo-fenced” away from E.U. users. Some are also sharing footage from Ramzan Kadyrov’s media detachment.

While I have only begun looking at these accounts as an extension of my own personal examination of pro-Kremlin propaganda, I think now is the appropriate time to flag these accounts with TikTok security. I understand that this might be a bit disjointed, but I am working to gather more information.

I will continue to gather information, and I welcome any feedback or requests for additional information.

-Robby Delaware

Below you’ll find a description of the videos that the @sayemchukhongsayruou account ran on TikTok from the time it began sharing war-related content to the most recent post it shared. 94 of the videos were what I deemed to be “Russian-oriented.” While I won’t say that I understand them fully enough to understand the context fully, I would comfortable proclaiming that they are overwhelming pro-Kremlin. 9 of the pro-Kremlin videos are stamped with the watermark of the RKadyrov_95 telegram channel:

The watermark in the upper left hand corner is from the RKadyrov_95 Telegram channel, which is a source for hundreds (maybe thousands) of misleading videos related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

An additional 11 videos are what I call “outliers” -dealing with such oddities as the Vietnamese government’s armed struggle against Pol Pot in Cambodia.

1st Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022 — Description: “ Máy bay ném bom chiến lược Tu- 160 Của Nga” Hashtags: #xuhuong #Russia #Flight #War


2nd Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022 — Description: “Máy bay siêu tiêm kích T-50 Của Nga #T-50 #Russia #Putin #putinwalk


3rd Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022 — Description: “Tank T-90 Chủ lực quân đội Nga #Putin #ukraina #Tank #Russia”


4th Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022 — Description: “Tổ hợp S-400 Triumf — là hệ thống tên lửa phòng không di động chiến lược tầm cao của Nga #Putin #russian #Rocket”


5th Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022: — Description: “Gái Nga xinh quá #Xuhuong #xuhuongtiktok #russian #russiangirl #army #Putin


6th Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022 — Description: “Army Russia #xuhuongtiktok #Russia #putin #ukraine”


7th Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022 — Description: “Cùng suy nghĩ … #ukraine #Russia #USA #Army #War”


8th Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022 — Description: “Ukrainian Army Girls #ukrainiangirl #Army”


9th Russian oriented video — February 27th, 2022 — Description: “Người lính Liên Xô #soviet #russian #Army”


Outlier: Vietnam versus Indonesia military comparison video (Part 1) — February 28th, 2022 — Description: “Indonesia vs Vietnam Military Power Comparison 2022 (Part 1) #Vietnam #indonesia #military #army”


Outlier: Vietnam versus Indonesia military comparison video (Part 2) — February 28th, 2022 — Description: “Indonesia vs Vietnam Military Power Comparison 2022 (Part 1) (sic) #xuhuongtiktok #nhachaymoingay #Army #Vietnam #indonesia #Military”


Outlier: Vietnam versus Indonesia military comparison video (Part 3) — Description: “Indonesia vs Vietnam Military Power Comparison 2022 (Part 3) #xuhuong #Army #Vietnam #indonesia”


Outlier: J20 Fighter Jet — China — February 28th, 2022 — Description: “J20- Máy bay tiêm kích tàng hình của Trung Quốc #China #xuhuong #j20 #armyChina”


Outlier: Ukrainian air force holds large-scale aviation drills — March 1st, 2022 — Description: “Lực lượng Không quân Ukraine tổ chức các cuộc tập trận #ukraine #AirForce #army”


11th Russia Oriented video: Vietnamese and Russia’s special relationship — Key & Peele Obama parody — March 1st, 2022 — Description: “Cách đối ngoại của Việt nam #xuhuongtiktok #vietnam #russia #campuchia #laos #indian #cuba”


Outlier: USA versus China comparison — March 1st, 2022 — Description: “o sánh sức mạnh quân sự Hoa Kỳ và Trung Quốc năm 2022 #USA #China #Army #military #xuhuong”


10th Russia oriented video: Chechnya’s Brothers — March 1st, 2022 — Description: “Tướng sĩ Chechnya #chechnya #russia #putin #ukraina”


11th Russia oriented video: soldiers dancing with RPG and anti-tank launchers — March 2nd, 2022 — Description: “Lính Ukraina lúc giờ giải lao #xuhuong #ukraina #putin”


Outlier: USA versus China military aircraft and naval weapon comparison — March 2nd, 2022 — Description: “So sánh sức mạnh quân sự Hoa Kỳ và Trung Quốc năm 2022 — Phần 2 #USA #China #army #xuhuong”


12th Russia oriented video: here’s where it gets weird. Ukrainian soldier being treated “humanely” by his captors in Donetsk — March 2nd, 2022 — Description: “Anh ý được chăm sóc tốt, không bị mắng chửi đánh đập #ukraine #xuhuong”


13th Russia oriented video: Chechen soldiers marching on Kiev — March 2nd, 2022 — Description: “Lính Chechnya tiến vào Kiev #chechnya #kiev #ukraine #putin #russia”


14th Russia oriented video: Chechen soldiers video from “Kadyrov_95” — March 2nd, 2022 — Description: “Quân nhân Nga đưa dân thường Ukraine rời khỏi khu vực chiến sự đến những nơi an toàn.#ukraine #chechnya #russia”


15th Russia oriented video: Similar to 14th, Chechen soldiers video with “Kadyrov_95” watermark — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @sangsample Đưa ngừoi dân Ukraina ra khỏi chiến sự, tới những khu an toàn”


16th Russia oriented video: War images (maybe from Syria) — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Chiến tranh Công Lý #россия #войны #солдаты #смерть”


17th Russia oriented video: A remix of 16 — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @thanhtungle227 chiến tranh Công Lý”


18th Russia oriented video: Chechen Rosgvardia Spetnaz — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Đội quân Chechnya ở Hostomel, Tây Bắc Thủ đô Kyiv.”


19th Russia oriented video: (wont play on web, will play on mobile?) — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “USA vs Russia Military Power Comparison 2022 part1 #USA #Russia #Chechnya #ChenChen #RussiavsUSA”


20th Russia oriented video: (wont play on web, will play on mobile?) — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “USA vs Russia Military Power Comparison 2022 part 2 #USA #Russia #Россия”


21st Russia oriented video: Remix of Russian soldiers in vehicle — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @ledao118 chengchivas đây”


22nd Russia oriented video: Chechen soldiers in Ukraine — smiling Kadyrov — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Chechen Sokdiers #Chechen #chechnya #russia #ukraine”


23rd Russian oriented video: RT footage of food donations to Ukraine (?) — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @hungtienvietdng 20 tấn hàng thực phẩm được Nga viện trợ nhân đạo cho ngừoi dân đã được chuyển từ Crimea đến vùng Kheson , Ukraina #russia”


24th Russia oriented video: Meeting between Ukrainian and Russian officials — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Hai phái đoàn bắt tay nhau #ukraine #russia #putin”


25th Russia oriented video: Russian troops in Ukraine — watermarked with Kadyrov — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @vtb123.xxx Tôi chiều các ông quá phải không? Ở ukraina nhé #chechen #chechnya #ukraine #russia”


26th Russia oriented video: remix of video 24 — meeting between Ukrainian and Russian officials — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @dyom5u8iceet #russiavsukraine #putin”


27th Russia oriented video: Vietnamese language message about war — March 3rd, 2022 — Description: “#vladimirputin #russia #ukraine”


28th Russia oriented video: Liberation of Mariupol — March 4th, 2022 — Description: “Có gì đó sai sai 😂😂😂 #ukraine #russia #bandera”


29th Russia oriented video: Zelensky at press conference — March 4th, 2022 — Description: “Tổng thống 🇺🇦 Zelensky’s #zelenitsky #ukraina”


30th Russia oriented video: Girl giving flowers to “Z” invasion forces — March 4th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @user5998302278472


31st Russia oriented video: melodic music and image of Kadyrov — March 4th, 2022 — Description: “Tổng thống chechnya #chechen #putin”


32nd Russia oriented video: Russian helicopter comparison — March 4th, 2022 — Description: “Kamov Ka-52 Alligator biệt danh là “Cá sấu” được Nga sử dụng tại Ukraina #Kamov #Russia #Ukraine”


33rd Russia oriented video: Russian helicopter close-up — March 5th, 2022 — Description: “Trực thăng chiến đấu bao gồm Mi-28N “Thợ săn đêm” #Soldiers #helicopters


Outlier: pro-Ukraina video set to a remix of “I will survive” — March 5th, 2022 — Description: “Quân đội Ukraina #Ukrainian #army #russia #putin”


34th Russia oriented video: Drone video above tents of Russian forces outside Kherson — March 6th, 2022 — Description: “Nga tuyên bố vô hiệu hóa 2.100 mục tiêu, tung video căn cứ đầy ắp vũ khí của Ukraine #Ukraine #Russia #NATO #Putin”


35th Russia oriented video: Remix of the drone video from 34 — March 6th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @user4zmnokx3vc Diễu phố qua qua cũng thu được ngần này chiến lợi phẩm 😁😁😁🇷🇺❤️🇺🇦 #chechen #russsia #ukraine”


36th Russia oriented video: Footage from Kadyrov_95 — Chechen troops — March 6th, 2022 — Description: “Tổng thống Checknya Kadyrov đăng tải: Binh lính chechnya đã sẵn sàng giúp đỡ Donbass #Chechnya #kadyrov #putin #russia #Chechen”


37th Russia oriented video: tanks going around a roundabout “in Kiev” — March 7th, 2022 — Description: “Giải đua Tank của Nga tại Ukraina #Tank #Russia #Kiev #Ukraine”


38th Russia oriented video: remix of the 37th — March 7th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @ttn9985 Diễu phố thật mà cứ không tin 🤣🤣🤣 🇷🇺❤️🇺🇦”


39th Russia oriented video: Chechen soldiers with Kadyrov_95 watermark — March 7th, 2022 — Description: “Lính Chechnya đưa người dân trở về sau nhiều ngày dưới hầm trú ẩn #chechen #chechnya #russia”


40th Russia oriented video: Chechen soldiers on parade and on the march — March 9th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @khanhduy20.11 Thế phải xem hết video này #chechen #chechnya #russia 🇷🇺❤️🇺🇦”


41st Russia oriented video: Chechen soldiers standing at attention — March 9th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @duansakutara Gì cũng biết 🤣 🇷🇺❤️🇺🇦 #chechnya #chechen #russia #ukraine”


42nd Russia oriented video: biohazard suit soldier with “USA claims” on screen — March 10th, 2022 — Description: “Nếu là thật thì đây là hành động vô nhân đạo — Hủy Diệt loài người #covid19 #USA #Russia #Ukraine”


43rd Russia oriented video: Z on Russian vehicles — March 10th, 2022 — Description: “Độ ngầu chỉ trong 9s #russia #ukraine #zelenitsky”


44th Russia oriented video: OMON Russian military police threatening someone — March 10th, 2022 — Description: “OMON là Đơn vị lực lượng cảnh sát đặc nhiệm , cảnh sát chống bạo động, hoặc như một lực lượng hiến binh- bán quân sự của Nga #Russia #OMON #Putin”


45th Russia oriented video: Remix of the OMON Russian military police video — March 10th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @user5278132088123 OMON là Đơn vị lực lượng cảnh sát đặc nhiệm , cảnh sát chống bạo động, bán quân sự của Nga #omon #russia #putin”


46th Russia oriented video: Russian troops in front of APC — March 11th, 2022 — Description: “Tình anh em như tình Phu Thê :)) #russiavsukraine #Russia #ukraine”


47th Russia oriented video: Russian tank (i’m guessing) going in circles — March 11th, 2022 — Description: “ Trả lời @tuyenk98 Uống Vodka không được lái Tank nha #tank #vodka”


48th Russia oriented video: Putin! — March 11th, 2022 — Description: “Tổng thống nga Phát biểu khi Nga hiện là quốc gia bị trừng phạt nhiều nhất thế giới #Putin #Russia”


49th Russia oriented video: Chechen Army — March 12th, 2022 — Description: “Đội quân CheChen tác chiến tại Ukraine #Chechen #Chechnya #Russia #Ukraine”


50th Russian oriented video: Remix of the Chechen Army video — March
12th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @ngdtungg Các cháu có thấy ông ngầu không #chechen #chechnya #russia #ukraine”


51st Russian oriented video: Chechen Army (Kadyrov watermark) — March 12th, 2022 — Description: “CheChen tác chiến tại Ukraine #CheChen #Chechnya #Russia #Ukraine”


52nd Russian oriented video: Chechen army (Kadyrov watermark) — Zamid Chalev — March 12th, 2022- Description: “Trả lời @graves1234 Zamid Chalaev — Chỉ huy trung đoàn đặc nhiệm Chechnya”


53rd Russian oriented video: Chechen army standing at attention (Kadyrov watermark) — March 12th, 2022 — Description: “Bộ Nội vụ Chechnya tiếp thêm 1 tiểu đoàn sang Ukraine — #CheChen #Chechnya #Russia #kadyrov”


54th Russian oriented video: Chechen army at attention (Kadyrov watermark) — March 13th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @trantin19928 Zamid Chalaev- Chỉ huy trung đoàn đặc nhiệm Chechnya #chechen #chechnya #russia #ukraine”


55th Russian oriented video: Chechen paratroopers (?) on plane — March 13th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @huunhanguyen4 Lại thêm một tiểu đoàn chechnya nữa sang Ukraine . Cầu nguyện thế này khả năng đánh rắn lắm đây #chechen #chechnya #ukraine”


56th Russian oriented video: Russian troops passing out supplies — March 13th, 2022 — Description: “Quân nhân Nga chuyển viện trợ nhân đạo tới các khu định cư của khu vực Kiev #Russia #Arrmy #Kiev”


57th Russian oriented video: Chechen troops remix (Kadyrov watermark) — March 14th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @platium Một trong hai ông ấy vẫn sống nhăn răng đây 😂😂😌 #kiev #chechen #ukraine”


58th Russian oriented video: Chechen guy doing a dance (Kadyrov watermark) — March 14th, 2022 — Description: “Đang đi đánh nhau mà cứ bắt nhảy :)) #chechen #putin #army”


59th Russian oriented video: Remix sniper rifles video — March 14th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @thieugiahoquach Lính Akhmat”


60th Russian oriented video: What looks to be Chechens visiting elderly people in bunker — March 14th, 2022 — Description: “Chỉ huy và lính Chechnya tặng quà đồ chơi cho trẻ em và tiếp tế cho người dân dưới hầm trú ẩn #CheChen #Chechnya #Putin #kadyrov”


61st Russian oriented video: prisoners (?) repeating phrase uttered by bearded (Chechens) — March 14, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @hai.lam8 Đầu tiên dạy tù binh đánh vần. Còn sau đó thì … không biết :)) #chechen”


62nd Russian oriented video: Kadyrov “in” Ukraine. — March 14th, 2022 — Description: “Tổng thống Ramzan Kadyrov đích thân sang Ukraine giúp Nga”


63rd Russian oriented video: elderly people waving at Z vehicles — March 15th, 2022 — Description: “Đoàn xe của Quân đội Nga #Russia #putin”


64th Russian oriented video: Remix of previous Chechen video — March 15th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @longmaysaurom Lính Chechen thăm khám sức khoẻ nhân đạo cho trẻ em Ukraine #chechen #kiev #ukraine #chechnya #russia”


65th Russian oriented video: Chechens standing at attention (Grozny.tv watermark) — March 15th, 2022 — Description: “CheChen Of Chechnya #CheChen #Chechnya”


66th Russian oriented video: Chechen soldiers in same room as in 62 — Kadyrov watermark — March 16th, 2022 — Description: “Phó chủ tịch Duma Quốc gia Nga Adam Delimkhanov tới thăm các binh sĩ lực lượng đặc biệt Chechnya chuẩn bị cuộc tấn công vào Azovstal #Chechen”


67th Russian oriented video: Chechen soldiers “in Ukraine” in front of armored vehicle (@opersvodki telegram channel watermark) — March 16th, 2022 — Description: “Lính Chechnya thực hiện nhiệm vụ tại Ukraine #Ukraine #CheChen #putin”


68th Russian oriented video: Remix of the Chechen soldier video from 67 — March 16th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @quancoi88888 Thủ lĩnh vẫn sống để tiêu diệt những thằng mõm và tấu hài :)) #chechnya #ukraine #chechen #putin”


69th Russian oriented video: DPR soldiers (with media watermark) on a newscast — March 17th, 2022 — Description: “Lực lượng dân quân của DPR trên đường phố Mảiupol #ukraine”


70th Russian oriented video: Babushka from earlier videos is juxtaposed with Iraq — March 18th, 2022 — Description: “Differences in the Ethics of Concern #NATO #RUSIA”


71st Russian oriented video: Russian soldier giving Syrian kid (?) popsicle — March 18th, 2022 — Description: “All We Love Children #russia #army #love”


72nd Russian oriented video: Russian soldiers aren’t killing civilians — live person in body bag smoking — conspiracy theory — March 18th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @unknownuz_ Mean it??? #ukraine #zelensky”


73rd Russian oriented video: Caption on video: “Chechen soldiers help people evacuate” — March 18th, 2022 — Description: “Người lính Chechen hỗ trợ người dân di tản tại Mariupol #CheChen #Ukraine”


Outlier: Caption on video: “Vietnam destroys Polpot genocidal organization Helping Cambodian people” — March 19th, 2022 — Description: “The world should not forget #vietnamese #soldier #polpot #army”


74th Russian oriented video: Russian soldier walking in slow motion with machine gun — March 22nd, 2022 — Description: “good”


75th Russian oriented video: Putin flying to Chechnya in jet plane back in 2000s — March 23rd, 2022 — Description: “Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin #Putin #Russia”


76th Russian oriented video: Chechen troops in “Ukraine” flying flag of Kadyrov — seem to be shooting at empty buildings — March 24th, 2022 — Description: “Lính CheChen ghi lại khoảnh khắc vui vẻ lúc giao tranh ác liệt #Chechnya #CheChen #Russia #Ukraine”


77th Russian oriented video: Chechen guy riding an old Soviet bicycle in a village — March 24th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @robert197900 CheChen forces in Ukraine #ukraine #zelensky #chechnya #chechen #putin #kiev”


78th Russian oriented video: OMON special forces training — March 25th, 2022 — Description: “Lực lượng đặc biệt của Nga — OMON #Putin #OMON #Force”


79th Russian oriented video: Caption: “Russian Special Forces — Bad Boys for Life” — March 26th, 2022 — Description: “RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES — “BAD BOYS FOR LIFE”


80th Russian oriented video: Caption: “Federal Security Services Russia Underwater Saboteurs” — March 26th, 2022 — Description: “Cơ quan An ninh Liên bang Nga — “Những kẻ săn mồi dưới nước”


Outlier: Vietnamese (?) Sniper training — sniper and spotter — March 26th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @hoangtrung319 Thắc mắc cho anh em mũ tai bèo với bịt mặt nhé”


81st Russian oriented video: Woman on tank with Russian flag and “URAA” battle cry on screen, video changes to still images — March 28th, 2022 — Description: “Đang đi làm nhiệm vụ — Thì mẹ bắt về đi cày #girlrussian #soldier”


82nd Russian oriented video: Z battle tank and guy screaming into camera — March 29th, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @dungsuytinh_pro96 Khét”


83rd Russian oriented video: “Russian soldiers give humanitarian aid and provide milk to children — (@smorti_media watermark) — March 29th, 2022 — Description: “Lính Nga hỗ trợ nhân đạo và phát sữa cho trẻ em”


84th Russian oriented video: Blurry video with Vietnamese text on screen — something about Ukrainian soldiers who shot Russian soldiers in the legs — March 29th, 2022 — Description: “Lính Ukraine bắ..n vào chân các t..ù binh Nga #ukrainesoldiers #russiansoldiers #Ukraine #Russia #ChenChen #CheChen”


85th Russian oriented video: Kadyrov triumphantly inspecting his troops — something about how Kadyrov personally went to Ukraine to inspect his troops — March 30th, 2022 — Description: “Cậu cả” Ramzan Kadyrov đích thân sang Ukraine chỉ huy và chiến đấu cùng binh lính của mình #ramzankadirov #Chechnya #CheChen #ukrainewar”


86th Russian oriented video: medal ceremony for Russian troops — April 2nd, 2022 — Description: “Lễ trao huân chương nhà nước cho các quân nhân xuất sắc thực hiện nhiệm vụ trong chiến dịch đặc biệt tại Ukraine #military #ukraine #Russia”


87th Russian oriented video: Chechen troops (with Kadyrov watermark) — April 2nd, 2022 — Description: “Trả lời @trankien03 Lính CheChen thực hiện nhiệm vụ đặc biệt tại Ukraine #chechen #chechnya #zelensky #ukraine #putin”


Outlier: Vietnamese fighting forces of Pol Pot — April 3rd, 2022 — Description: “Quân giải phóng Việt Nam giúp nhân dân Campuchia đánh đuổi diệt chủng Polpot #Polpot #vietnamvscampuchia #phnompenhcity #ASEAN”



88th Russian oriented video: Soviet flag “the flag for which my parents fought” — April 11th, 2022 — Description: “”Lá cờ mà vì nó cha mẹ tôi đã từng chiến đấu “ #soviet #ukraine”


89th Russian oriented video: Chechen soldier trying to break through floor with hammer — same video clip from above — April 11th, 2022 — Description: “Lính CheChen giải cứu phụ nữ và trẻ em bị kẹt dưới hầm #chechen #chechnya”


90th Russian oriented video: Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter — April 11th, 2022 — Description: “Attack Helicopter Ka-52 — Russian Air Force #AirForce #Russia #Xuhuong”


91st Russian oriented video: Russian TOS-1A rocket launcher in action — April 11th, 2022 — Description: “Hệ thống tên lửa đa năng nhiệt áp 24 nòng TOS-1A #Tenlua #rocket #russia #xuhuong”


92nd Russian oriented video: Still photos of sexy Russian army girls — April 11th, 2022 — Description: “Russian female soldiers #russiangirl #russia #soldier”


93rd Russian oriented video: Chechen military guys, tanks, drones (Kadyrov watermark) — April 11th, 2022- Description: “Vì có một vài hình ảnh nhạy cảm nên sẽ bị cắt trong video #chechen #chechnya #russia #ukraine”


94th Russian oriented video: TikTok dancing — April 11th, 2022 — Description: “Hài hước từ Tổng thống tới binh lính :)) #Pek #Tor #soldier #ukraine #xuhuong”